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The Sector Skills Council for the places where we live and work 

Supported Housing Functions NOS questionnaire.

Asset Skills is developing National Occupational Standards (NOS) for supported housing functions.

This is a growing area of housing activity but has not been fully defined given the extensive range of client groups served and the other agencies involved in delivery.

As a first step we have developed a functional map which defines the key activities involved in delivering supported housing. From this we will identify where existing NOS cover the functions or where new NOS need to be created.

The key feedback we require from supported housing experts are contained in a brief questionnaire below.  The document referred to can be downloaded by clicking on the link above.

May we thank you in advance for your expert input to this important piece of work.

Please click here to start the questionnaire.

Responses need to be submitted by 26 October

If you have any queries or would like any further information please contact